Education for Education

EDUCATION FOR EDUCATION is an independent sister project within MENTORA, with the purpose of supporting women’s right to education, though funding the university studies for three female teachers in Guatemala. Maritsa, Elisabeth and Jenny are Mayan and have had difficulties in raising money to finance their studies at university.  

Women with university education form an essential contribution to society. For the woman as an individual, a university education contributes to increased independence and self-confidence, just as it provides tools to change her own life situation. For society, trained female teachers improve the level of education of the younger generation and improve female teachers as role models for younger girls. Educating women is also one of the most important factors in reducing poverty. By raising money as they are pursuing their university degrees, we are not only supporting three impressive and wonderful persons we are also contributing to change in Guatemala as a country. A change towards a society where all women can claim their right to education. YOU can help us create this change. Together we can help providing Guatemalan women with education.

Background to the project

The project was founded by us, Ellen Lindahl and Julia Rångeby together with a group of other students from Kungsholmens gymnasium in Stockholm spent a week in San Juán La Laguna and at the school LISI. At the school we got to know three absolutely amazing female teachers, Maritsa, Elisabeth and Jenny all of whom are passionate about educating young girls. After several inspiring conversations with both students and teachers, we felt the urge to form part and make a contribution. Therefore, MENTORA was contacted and the result was that we created the sister project EDUCATION FOR EDUCATION.

Today, one of them has finished her studies, one has had to leave her studies due to personal reasons and one continues to study. We continue to work and raise money.