What we do

MENTORA is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 in Stockholm, dedicated to personal and professional development in young women aged 18-30 years in Guatemala. The aim is to strengthen Guatemalan young women and mothers’ opportunities for education and professional development through an economical contribution and the support of a mentor. The work is carried out by volunteers in Sweden in collaboration with two local coordinators in Guatemala City and San Juán la Laguna.   

The coordinators communicate directly with the participants and are in charge of paying the scholarships and collect diplomas and receipts. 90% of the organization’s revenue benefit the participants of the program.

MENTORA aims to construct a feminist and solidary platform through professional and personal development. It protests against the civil and sexual violence to which Guatemalan are at high risk, and raises awareness about the risk it implies being a woman in the country. MENTORA wants to work through non-profit, value-driven forces, in a long-term and sustainable way.

Up to this point, the work has been financed solely by private donations, membership fees and as well as our annual lottery, fundraising dinners and products. We are working to raise money through sponsorship and grants, but income through non-profit work and private donations will always remain an essential part of our funds.